Friday, December 9, 2011


The majority of people in the world are sex-normative. The sex of their brain matches their anatomical sex. They don't wonder which sex they are. They feel congruent.

Among those people, many think that those who suffer from transsexualism do not have a congenital disorder or a medical disorder of any kind. Some think that transsexuals are psychologically disturbed. Others think transsexuals are morally deviant. Some think both. They seem not to understand that only medical treatment alleviates the disorder. It doesn't respond to psychotherapy. It doesn't respond to prayer. It does respond to hormone therapy and surgery. That does not prove that transsexualism is a congenital disorder, but it certainly undercuts the idea that it is something psychological or moral.

Then there are those who have some kind of sex or gender issues themselves but say they do not have a disorder. They celebrate their difference. They embrace it.

I don't know if those people have the same condition that transsexuals do in a less severe form. Perhaps that's so. Or perhaps there is something else going on that resembles, to an extent, the transsexual condition. What I do understand is that transsexualism is a congenital disorder. If you don't think you are suffering from a disorder, perhaps you have some other condition.

Those born transsexual must fix what's broken. If you don't feel anything is broken, don't fix it.

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